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Dead Semi Automatic transmission and 2011 RT-S

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Am 76 and just survived a crash on my Harley Davidson Heritage. Road the bike home after accident then wife took me to emergency room to get my leg stitched up and X-Rays etc. Repaired my bike (about $5000.00) then traded for 2011 Can Am RT-S SE5 with 20K miles. Very clean bike. Never been on a three wheeler and swore that I never wood. Long story short the accident scared me and I am eating crow. The problem is after two weeks my semi automatic transmission has died a natural death. Will sometime shift into 1st or R but will not move. Was doing great until I pulled up to a stop sign and it would not downshift. I was able to get off road and turned it off thinking it might boot itself back up but no success. A buddy towed me back to my garage where she sits waiting for Monday when I can call around and find out what I need to do. First thing I did was check the oil (full). So right now I have a beautiful red Can Am RT with new LED headlights and new horn just waiting for some help. Right now I'm not a happy camper but I know this too shall pass. Hoping for a long relationship with this group.
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then traded for 2011 Can Am RT-S SE5 with 20K miles.
This is SO sad. :(

I wish I could give you some good news but I fear that there isn't any to be had.

There is an outside chance that the transmission linkage has come loose but probably not.
It also can be a sign of a very weak battery but if that was the case, it probably wouldn't start.

This most often is a sign that the electronics in the left handle bar cluster has gone bad (where the shift paddles are located).

The really BAD news is that many Can-Am dealers won't touch them if more than 10 years old.
Coupled with the fact that independent shops won't touch them even when new, this could be a REALLY tough situation.

I hope that you bought it from a Dealer so you can guilt them into looking at it.
But even that might not work because parts aren't easy to find after 10 years.

So, start calling around to any and all dealers withing 200 miles or so.
Then try other bike shops too.

I wish you luck.......because it is likely that will need it.

P.S. Your messages would be easier to read if you would format them just a little.
Like the white space in this post.
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Thanks for the reply. I found a dealer about 80 miles from me that will work on my bike. But I noticed their labor rate for 3 wheelers was $180.00 per hour (ouch). They are going to call me tomorrow with quote. I bought the Can Am from a Honda dealer and I called him this morning and he said he would look after me on the cost of the repair so we'll see. I really like the bike so I hope everything works out ok.
The repair for transmission issues after just two weeks of ownership should be addressed by the selling dealer if they are reputable.
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