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Couple questions on accessories "All Weather" Wireless Charging Phone Mount, rear grab bars, rear cargo rack for 2022 F3S?

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I see there are a few out there but what is everyone using and looking decent? I saw one on a motorcycle that was an case that was wired for wireless charging and it fit a phone that was in a shock protector. It snapped shut to ensure all weather compatibility but I failed on getting the brand, my Galaxy S22 Ultra fit perfect in it. It did not allow pushing buttons but displayed Waze very nicely.

Also looking to buy the grab handles and maybe a rear rack for the F3S in the solo configuration, any help is appreciated. The Spyder's will always be in single seat mode.
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Can't help with the brand but I'm also trying to get info or suggestions on a good USB Charger. About to go for the 12V Cell Phone / GPS Docking Station with Dual USB Charge Ports for the Can-Am Spyder F3. Just have to make sure it doesn't get in the way of my digital display!? I currently brought a 2021 F3-T and also use a Android phone. Will look to see what Lamonster has also. What is everyone using and is it looking decent?...that is the question. And i, like you, am searching but there's not alot of info out there, just have to try to research as best you can and then go for it!

I see that RAM is very popular as far as mounts and Quadlock has a wireless charging port (Expensive but one of the best brands). But have yet to see the phone case you mentioned!??
I use a simple stick on camera base and a smartphone selfie holder that screws on to that. If it rains I put the plugged in phone in the glovebox since I don’t need to see it. I use the BRP Go in the dash. So easy.
I have a dual USB power bracket that mounts to the center of the bars. I mount a handheld CB to that.
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