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My brand new Corbin saddle bags were installed 3 weeks ago. After riding my Spyder twice in the week after, I noticed cracking in the finish of the right saddle bag rear above turn signal . Very disturbed and have not had to much luck with Corbin. Ive emailed numerous times and many pictures and couldnt seem to get a straight answer. I finally got an answer yesterday thru email asking me to ship the bag back to CA so they could investigate further. I called to let them them know I really didnt want to be without the right saddlebag for over a month while they try and figure out what happened. I was then called and told that "Mike Corbin" had decided that the cracking was caused by an impact. I disagreed saying that an impact that would cause that much cracking would leave some sort of damage, indentation to the finish. Am I wrong and should I give up the fight? I am not an expert in fiberglass so they might be right but I really dont think so


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