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wow - got all geared up for a really early morning start this morning (6am). Started up the 2010 RT SE5 that I've had since Sept 1st/11 and rolled it down the 30ft driveway out of the garage. It sounded like thunderclaps from the front end!!!! managed to get it into N and sat for 10mins - everything ready to leave the area and into 1st gear - crazy noises again - moved off slowly and into 2nd - no noise - but no power!!! nursed it around the cul-de-sac and back up the driveway into the garage with about 10 stalls in between! Stuck in 1. Now what?? Having ready many posts I knew better than to try much - there was a bar on the left side of the computer screen showing a little spark plug at the top and bottom - nothing like that in the manual!! What to do - nowhere open so sat and had a coffee and baileys until the dealer opened!

Popped over to see them - talked about the problem - they gave me the 1-866 number to call so off I went home again - called and waited for the tow truck.

Wouldn't you know it the flat deck driver has never moved one of these before - he's busy googling it on his iphone - I'm pulling out the manual and showing him - AND..... telling him it was stuck in 1st and not able to figure out how to get it out of the garage I fire it up......NO NOISE!!! into N, into R and down the driveway I go.... into 1 and up the flat deck I drive it - he straps it down like I show him - and off to the dealer we go!

So - it's there - didn't hear from them before they closed - they don't reopen till Tuesday so I've lost my 3 day permit I had taken out - and it's sunny to boot.

I know to let it warm up before moving off - and longer than I used to wait for my big cruiser - fuel injection so no choke. Did I not wait long enough - did I move it out of the garage too fast to avoid gassing out the sleepyheads inside? Any ideas before the dealer calls me???

Going to the Fraser Valley Toy Run in the truck tomorrow so at least the kids toys we bought don't get forgotten!



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Fraser Valley Toy run?

kewl so are we.. look for the RT LTD that's lit up like a Xmas tree


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Sorry to hear that something got in the way of a grat ride for you!
If you want to check for error codes if this ever happpens again...
Start the bike
Get your left thumb across bothe the mode and set buttons and hold them in
Push in the turnsignal button like you're cancelling a signal

The screen will show any active codes. You can always jot them down and let your dealer know that popped up so that they have an idea of where to start the process...

Good luck and let us know what they find!

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