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Been a couple of months now, I think, and over 3000 miles on my 08, since I checked in here. Took it up to Nova Scotia, and back to Vermont, in early August with no major issues. The seat on this thing is a joke, for more than a few miles. That's one issue. The constant loping/surging was the other. Stopped in to the CanAm dealer in Monkton, NB, on the way back, and got the lowdown on the surging thing. A large number of Spyders ended up with this problem, as a result of the DPS recall and fix. Mine was one of them. Checked in with the CanAm dealer at home, when I got back, and they took care of the problem, (mostly). The latest software got rid of most of the problem, but I still get just a hint of it between 50-55 mph. Didn't cost me anything.
The seat? I bought a large Air Hawk for myself, and a medium for the back seat, and things are a little better, but I don't think anything will ever make the standard seat comfortable. Without the Air Hawk, my butt went numb in about 8-10 miles! Sponge grips, squeezed over the stock one's have eliminated a lot of the buzz from the grips, but that V-Twin is one rough engine. My toes go numb in about 20 miles, so, at some point, I'll get some floorboards, moved up ahead. Put on a 26" tall windshield; The one with the stand-offs that let air up, behind the shield, and got rid of a lot of the buffeting, but not all. I could use just about two inches more height. I'm 6' tall, and have a 33" inseam, and the folks that sell the windshield sell this height for guys 6' 1" and over. Their models must be all legs, with little short bodies! Or maybe even the same little Japanese girl that CanAm used to design the riding position, with your knees tucked up underneath your arm-pits!
The fuel mileage on these things is another joke. My worst tank was a little under 25 mpg, and my best has been a little over 39.
I fixed the fuel smell, fuel boiling problem, by puting in two tin fuel filters, sort of like I read about on this Forum, but, CanAm got the problem back for me, because part of the fix for the surging problem is to do a retro fit around the recovery canister. So, I've got to get back in there and put it back the way I had it.
There are things to like about the Spyder, though. Great brakes. Yeah, I know they're noisy, but I don't care, they work great. Like the way it soaks up bumps, and it handles diagonal cracks, RR tracks, etc., like they aren't even there. The transmission and clutch are as good as any bike I've ever ridden. I've learned to start it in gear, and to keep it in gear at stops, because it will clunck when you shift out of neutral, but still, it beats a Hog, or Bimmer all hollow for shifting smoothly.
I just got done reading, in here, about the belt tension being too tight, at the earlier recommended setting. So, what's the latest poop? I have a factory shop manual disk for my lap top, but if that data is wrong, what's the latest thinking?
My wife finds it impossible to hang onto those hand grips, back there, for any length of time, before her elbows get cramped. They're too low. Anybody know of a retro fit extension for these?
Do I like the Spyder? Dunno, yet! Some of the things about it are outright disgusting in their chintzy nature. Other things are pretty neat. Like the appearance. Like somone said in the Forum, you just park, anywhere, and people will gather and start asking questions. It starts, and runs, every time, (Knock on my wooden head!). It'll corner faster than I'll ever dare to corner. BTW, has it been published, anywhere, what kind of cornering forces the Spyder will do? It'd be interesting to know.
As of right now, when folks ask me about it, my usual answer is that it sure makes me miss my two wheeler.
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