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Check Engine light, error, flashing "R" and "N"

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My 08 Spyder has devloped an issue where the "check engine" light comes on, follwed by an "error" on the gear indicator, then the "R" and "N" indicator lights flash alternatively at me. The spyder drives fine during this episode but it only occurs after its warmed up and only at lower "town" stop adn go traffic. Wehn I get it back up to hiway speed, the flashing lights cease but the check engine light stays on until it has been turned off and cools down. Any ideas???
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I had that problem too. It won't stop until you take it into the shop and have it re-program. Should still be under warranty.
i left mine in the shop yesterday. i had the engine light go on and the steering issue also. hope the re-program will fix it.
Problem solved

Took it too Paulsons in Lacey Washington. Operates perfectly now, all done under warrenty. Thanks Paulsons!! Thanks BRP!!! Oh yeah, fyi, at 111 mph the tach reads 7950 rpms with redline still waiting at 9500 rpms

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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