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Bushtec Can-Am Spyder Trailer hitch is in first article production

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This information just arrived:

The Bushtec Can-Am Spyder Trailer hitch is in first article production and we expect to begin shipment of pre-orders by the end of May. Bushtec will NOT have any of these hitches for delivery at rallies.

The Bushtec Can-Am Spyder hitch is a four point frame mount (NOT swing arm mounted) and will not upset suspension dynamics, tracking or balance. Available for the exclusive Bushtec Heim Joint & Pin coupler application as well as conventional ball application. The Bushtec Can-Am Spyder hitch is easily removed, once installed. The Bushtec Can-Am Spyder hitch will be available in black powder coat, satin silver powder coat or a combination of black & silver.

The exclusive Bushtec Electronic Isolator Relay Package designed to protect the electric's on the Spyder is included in the hitch package. Pricing for pre-order sales will be $479.00 for a ball application and $579.00 for the Bushtec Heim Joint & Pin application. Please call the factory to place your pre-order and be amongst the first to experience the quality of fit and finish developed over the past twenty-seven years of trailer and trailer hitch engineering.

You may also require the bike side wire harness to complete the connection from the bike to the trailer. Ask about our Internal Quick Disconnect Wiring Package for the Bushtec Can-Am Spyder hitch. No exposed wiring and quick disconnect with the hitch. Please call the factory and one of my staff will be pleased to assist you with your order.

John A. Preston CEO
Bushtec Mfg & Sales, Inc.
PO Box 459
180 Mount Paran Road
Jacksboro, TN 37757
(423) 562-9900 Office
(423) 562-9911 FAX

Home of the original "Performance Sport Trailers"
"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low
price is forgotten"

[email protected]
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Pricing Details:

Bushtec introduces its Trailer Hitch for the Can-Am Spyder Roadster ~ Can-Am covered every detail with their radical new departure from conventional trikes with a 2 wheel front, 1 rear design with great stability and performance. Bushtec is proud to introduce its new hitch for the Spyder. We have covered the details to make a clean, attractive, well-fitting design that most importantly applies the stress of towing to the frame of the motorcycle, not the suspension components! Design allows for installation and removal within 20 minutes so when not towing, take it off, when you are ready to go, put it on. With its clean lines and lathe turned strut mounts and end, you will want to leave it on! Wiring harness runs inside hitch tube for clean look! Harness available separately. Available with EITHER 1 7/8 Stainless Steel Ball OR Bushtec Pin and Lock in Black OR Silver Powdercoated - your choice. Additional accents coming soon in the form of spider webbing safety chain accent and side plates! Also includes Electronic Relay Isolator Package to supply power for trailer lighting, all necessary hardware, and complete instructions. Optional quick detach wiring kit available, so ask for details.

Bushtec Hitch for Can-Am Spyder Roadster with 1 7/8 SS inch Ball: $479.00
Bushtec Hitch for Can-Am Spyder Roadster with Bushtec Pin and SS Lock: $579.00
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That seems to be VERY expensive.
That seems to be VERY expensive.
Bushtec is pretty much the Rolls Royce of cycle trailers and hitches. Their trailers are in the $3,000 and up range if I remember right.
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