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October 25, 2007
Tour News

To register:

Be sure to register and submit your comments, thoughts about the Spyder roadster, riding experiences, photos, and any suggestions you have on the community Web site. Don't hesitate to tell us what you think!

Please keep in mind some general practices in submitting images and posting comments:

* Be honest and accurate – (Keep your postings reasonable and realistic)
* Please re-read everything prior to submission; check for spelling (That’s Spyder with a “Y”)
* Stay on topic – (The community is interested in riding and the Spyder roadster, not what you had for dinner last night)
* Disagree with other opinions respectfully – (No one likes a bully)
* Keep private issues private – (Feel free to call or e-mail BRP with any specific comments or questions)

Be responsible – (People from all over the world participate in the community – be sensitive to others’ cultures)

And perhaps most importantly –

* Have fun!

To make sure everyone has a good experience, all comments and postings will be reviewed prior to publication for the community. If there is a specific issue or concern, your comment may be forwarded to customer service rather than posted on the site. We will publish comments as quickly as possible, but there may be some delays. We will publish comments with varying point of views, but we will not publish comments that are off-topic, defamatory, or disrespectful.
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