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I bought the BRP sport rack and backrest from my local dealership and had it installed by them, I've only owned the rack and backrest for two months and while putting the cover for the rack on, the ear and pin that hold the rack cover in place snapped off, I did not force the cover to lock in place. I showed the dealership the part and they told me it was a defect. Anyway the dealership contacted BRP technical support and were told that the part is not under warranty. When I called BRP, they said the part should be covered and told me to have the dealership call Technical Support, and round and round we go. Any help resolving this issue would be appreciated. Your feedback please.
In the past, I've found that a three way call does the trick on these sort of things.... gets rid of the "he-said, they said". With modern technology, three ways calls are pretty easy. I know my cell phone does it standard (be careful though.. it doubles your minutes :D)
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