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Hello all you incredibly intelligent riders, you. I just bought a 2010 RS SE-5 and am loving it. I can only assume that, since you bought yours before I bought mine, that you must be brilliantly intelligent!!!! :D

But I just ran into a wee problem. I searched the forum posts for anyone else who experienced this but didn't find any posts specific to this condition.

Bought the machine last Monday. Took the last two days off from work to ride out the 600 mile break-in, which I did. I live in the mountains of Utah so, to work the engine through the entire spectrum and avoid rpm burn-in, I rode the mountain highways and byways.

Rig ran perfectly until I hit 540 miles. Was already at about 7K feet, had just filled her up with fuel, and headed out into the High Uintah mountains. Hadn't gone a mile when the machine suddenly started feeling like I was driving over a rough road but with equi-distant ribs. Road didn't appear to be ribbed but the machine's power and stability were fine so, after a quick dismount and look-see, I rode on up the mountain. The vibration/tremble stayed with me the whole way.

Checked it out again at a pull-out at about 10,500 feet: Everything looked fine. Started her up, put her in first, and pulled out and the died on me. Started her up again and she came to life without hesitation. But the rough feel was still there.

Got down off the mountain (well, back down to 7K feet altitude) and rode her a bit longer. Stopped her, remove the side panel to see if there might be any vacuum hoses that disconnected or the like. Couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Rode her home and the rough-riding feel accompanied me all the way home. Pulled to a stop in my driveway to wash the bugs off of her and she idled rough.

The whole thing felt a lot like what you get with a four cylinder engine that has one spark plug not firing, except then there's typically a power loss.

No apparent lack of power in any gear at any rpm. I haven't yet taken her over 7K rpm, even in the lowest gears, but the dogging feeling was worse in 5th gear when I was doing about 45mph. Note that it hadn't lugged at all previously.

No error messages on the LCD.

It's in the shop now for her first service and the mech said it could be a sensor needs adjusting but he was concerned that there weren't any error messages, indicating the computer didn't know there was a problem.

Okay, so this is a brand new 2010 RS and I haven't abused her (although I haven't lugged her either).

Any thoughts?


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I don't see how you could have the same problem as I, since you have a new machine, and I have an 08, but. What you describe, sounds very much like what I was experiencing with mine, back in Aug. Now, I bought mine in July, with just 683 miles on it, being the 3rd owner! Still don't know for sure, why the previous two owners got rid of it. Could have been the surging, bucking, loping thing going on, or the incredibly bad fuel mileage, or the incredibly bad riding position, or seat, or, the "buzz" that puts your butt, and feet to sleep, or, the fuel boiling out of the tank, etc, etc, etc.
Regardless, the beast does have some redeaming qualities, but one of them is NOT the bucking. It was so bad at times, when I first got mine, that I thought it was skipping. Proved not to be the case. When it was bucking like that, (at a neutral throttle position, from, say, 40 mph through 60 mph, you could crank on it, and the thing will really squirt. Got some help by using Star Tron in the gas. Someone told me to try it, that it was probably the ethanol, or water in the gas, and it helped, right away. Then, I found out that this bucking (what BRP calls a "poor running condition") was caused by the recall "fix" for the DPS, which had been done on my bike. Sooooo, I took it in, and the dealer checked, and my bike was subject to the problem. It was fixed under warantee, at no charge, and runs much better. I think that the fuel mileage may be a bit better, too. Thing is, mine (mileage) seems to be right in the range of what everyone else is getting. My best has been 39+, and the worst was just under 25.
Hard to believe that your's is suffering from the same thing as a 2 year old bike, but, hey, stranger things have happened. Maybe this little, long-wided tale will be of benefit to you.
Good luck.
Dick Wells
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