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I just got my new red spyder this past Sat. If anyone wants to know , you can haul it in a pickup truck. I have a 98 F-150 4 wheel drive with a 6 and 1/2 bed. We roled it up in the bed backwards. With the tailgate down the front wheels were on the part of the tailgate just above the bumper. I bought the yellow wheel chocks that you can get at Walmart in the RV part of the auto section. After i put the chocks on the back wheel and in the front i had a 2 by 4 in front of the chocks and used a rachet stap hooked to the tailgate to hold the wood against the chocks. I also used staps to hold it to the bed. It worked great. Drove 240 miles to get it home and did not have any trouble. I do not think you could do this with a mini pickup.
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