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I'm wondering how you guys who have slacked off on their drive belt tension, determined just how much was enough, without the risk of going too far?
The "Book", (a computer disk), calls for a sound meter to be used, and to percuss the belt with a hammer, to check the tension! In five different places on the belt, as you rotate the sprocket! I can't help but wonder how many of the CanAm dealers actually have that sound meter, themselves.
AND, if they have one, how many of them actually use it?
My belt is still guitar-string tight, with close to 4000 miles on the clock, and I've read in here that many have said they got a better running machine, by slackening the belt tension. Interesting, too, that the CanAm service manager, up in Moncton, NB, told me that there's a vibration at ~70mph, that can be elliminated by loosening the belt a little. Sure enough, when I run my bike up through 70 ~, I get a funny little whipping/snapping feel throughout the bike, until I'm up to a little higher speed.
Think I'm going to just loosen my rear axle, and back off the adjustment bolts about a turn, and try it out on the road. Gotta back off the left one a little more than the right, since the belt is right up against the flange. Does this sound about right to you more experienced Spyder riders?
Dick Wells
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