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Come join other spyder ryders on a 5 day Baja Peninsula Adventure Ride.

Riding to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

When: 02/12/2010 - 02/16/2010 {President Day Holiday Weekend}

2240 Encinitas blvd, Encinitas CA 92024 @ 7:00 AM on 02/12/2010

Miles: 2000

Ryders responsible for paying own way: Fuel, Food, Insurance, Hotels and Tolls. {min $500}

Required Items:
• Passport {2 copies}
• Mexico Tourist Visa
• Mexico Vehicle Insurance {Online before ride}
• Vehicle Registration {2 copies}
• Driver License {2 copies}
• Peso {Gas, Food and Toll}
• Credit Card

Suggested Items:
3 Foot Chain (Coated) & Lock
Gas Can
Cell Phone
Energy Bars
Light Rain Gear
Mechanically Capable Spyder
Fairly new gas filter or backup with clamps
Spyder Keys: Non Chipped (cargo area and gas) and Secured (Starting)

Riders attending please post a reply to questions?
1. GPS Mexico capable?
2. Phone Mexico capable?
3. Rider to Rider communication? Make & Model
4. Speak Spanish? Fluent, a little or comprehend
5. Passenger?

For more information or rider wanting to arrive in San Diego early or night before email [email protected].

{Ride and information subject to change}

MXC Route 1:
Day 1: Tijuana – San Vicente – El Rosario – Santa Ines – Guerrero *****{ Stay Over Night}
Day 2: Guerrero ***** – Santa Rosalia – Loreto – Ciudad Constitucion – La Paz {Check Daylight or Stay over}
Day 3: La Paz – Cabo

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:????

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BRP Los Cabos

BRP Los Cabos responses after making contact:

If you need any assistance or parts please let us know before you get here to make sure we can help you in the best way possible. Also if you need to sponsor your event on my fan page on facebook please fell free to do it.


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2 Fridays left do you have all required items:
* Passport {2 copies}
* Mexico Tourist Visa {Can be obtained at border crossing}
* Mexico Vehicle Insurance {Online before ride}
* Vehicle Registration {2 copies}
* Driver License {2 copies}
* Peso {Gas, Food and Toll...Can be obtained at border crossing}
* Credit Card
* 1 gallon gas container recommend 2.5 gallon gas container.

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Route Agenda

Route agenda

Day 1
Check: vehicle registration {2 copys}, driver license {2 copys}, passsport {2 copys}
Get Mexico insurance
Get pesos $400 /5200 pesos
Top off gas
Take Mexico border picture
Get tourist vista
Toll Tijuana – Rosarito 27 pesos
Toll Rosarito –La Mission 27 pesos
Toll La Mission – Ensenada 30 pesos
Gas Stop San Vicente, Colnett or Camalu
Gas stop and snack break El Rosario
Gas Stop Santa Ines or Bay Of LA
Take Baja/Baja Sur Border picture
Hotel stop Guerra *****

Day 2
Pre bike check
Check passsport, tourist visa
Take Baja/Baja Sur Border Picture
Gas: top off bike and gas can.
Gas Stop Santa Rosalia
Gas Stop Loreto
Gas Stop Villa Insurgentes or Cd Constitucion
Hotel Lapaz

Live Camera

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Peso exchange and insurance

Peso exchange and insurance

Saturday between 10 and 11 a couple riders are heading down to San Ysidro for peso exchange and purchase insurance. Riders are meeting at 2240 Encinitas blvd, Encinitas CA 92024. Any rider wanting to meet at location or somewhere on the way contact Jerry at 310-433-3585 for actual agenda.

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Riders back safe from Cabo.


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Three Amigos go to Baja February 2010

Three Amigos go to Baja February 2010

The trip was plan on president day weekend for five days down and back. Day 1 started in Encinitas, Ca around 7:00 Am heading toward San Ysidro, Ca for first gas stop before crossing border. After crossing border we stop at Mexico immigration office where we picked up our Tourist Visa which is free if staying less than 7 days. The Tourist Visa process was about 30 minutes.

Our next important move was getting thru Tijuana as quickly as possible by getting on the toll road. There was one problem the exit to toll road was under construction. Without the ability to read Spanish detour sign we ended in the city looking for a way to enter toll road. After riding around 30 minutes lost in Tijuana city stopped at local fire station for direction. With me no Spanish and fire department very little English I figure out I needed to go north on main road then find a walk over bridge crossing main road then go right. Around 9:00 AM toll road entrance was located.

The first 100 miles on MXC 1 toll road had 3 toll booth and a check point it’s a tourist zone and somewhat scenic but nothing to write home about. Once through Ensenada the next 100 miles is agricultural region very beautiful with twisted roads perfect for testing the spyders ability. Stopping in San Vicente to gas up and drink some water we headed back down the road. While traveling through smaller towns we encounter speed control devices, keeping your speed down was mandatory or you could take flight or rattle you teeth out.

After reaching San Quintin at southern end of agricultural region the road runs down a open coastal plains region along the Pacific Ocean then turns east into the hills of El Rosario. El Rosario was a gas stop and also had a check point before heading into boonies towards Guerrero ***** which was around 200+ miles away this distance required a gas stop filling up from a 50 gallon drum. Make sure 5 gallon gas can is full before allowing them to fill up. Also do one bike at a time so extra gas can go into next bike. Around 20 miles outside Guerrero ***** we lost our sunlight. One of the riders had HID lights and driving lights mounted so it was like daylight on the road. Desert Inn motel at border of Baja and Baja Sur was our stopping point for tonight.

Pictures from Day 1

Stay tuned more to follow...
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