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Just figured out how to get around the incomplete and erroneous instructions for installing the spyder belly bag accessory and thought I might pass it on and let people know how to get the thing on. First off the major mistake on the directions is the pictures nor text neither mention or show there is a rubber shield around the stalk of the handle bars that will prevent you from getting the bracket down far enough to line up the bolt holes to mount it. If you try to go under it the sheild gets in the way and won't allow you to get the bracket where it has to go. Solution for me was I used a medical scapel and cut slots for clearance in the rubber sheild to allow me to install it below and surrounding the shield where it wants to be. It would appear to me that maybe the rubber shield came about from some problems suffered as a solution and that was after BRP designed the belly bag. I would hope they get to updating the instructions or adding in a paper noting the shortcoming of them. The accessory bag is well made but as everything else for this bike expensive and I question being in the position it is in whether or not it will move around too much and make noise in the wind. I also might note that since I added the BRP touring shield that any amount of moisture that forms on ones face shield no longer slides away in the wind even with a liberal coat of Rainex. Hope this helps some people! Best Regards to all! Bill ELT
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