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I put one on my 2010 RS for when my wife rides with me. It's kind of a pain in that the upper side panels all the way back plus the rear fender liner have to come off. The battery has to come out plus other odds and ends that one would think arn't or shouldn't be required. My advice is take your time and don't try any short cuts. A good quality #30 torqs driver (not an allen wrench) with a T handle ratchet is a real plus for all the body work bolts. This will help to keep from stripping out the bolts. Also if you are not familiar with the plastic pop rivits under the seat be careful so you can re use them. Just take a small screw driver and pry up the center so you can then pull the center up enough to get the whole piece out. To put it back in once you get the rivit in the hole push down the center to lock it again. If the center comes clear out you can still re use it so long as you don't completly break the plastic. For me some of the instructions did not make sense until I figured out how everything fit together but it did once I understood what they were doing. Once you get it on it's a real solid piece and looks good as well. I like how you can take the cover off when you need the back rest but when you don't need it the flat cover pops back on.

I did mine shortly after we bought our Spyder so I really didn't know all the ins and outs so it took me probably longer than it would now. I've said it before that it seems like everything you put on the Spyder you spend half the time just on the body panels.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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