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Awesome Spyder graphics on ebay

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I ordered a set yesterday. I don't know if I will use all the stuff, but I always thought the trunk lid could use something like this.
Spyder Graphics on Ebay

They look nice when done but require a pro and some modification to look right. Not a job for a beginner. The ones I bought were the Spyder, you know the four legged kind. I am adding some pictures under Thunderroad, we did them a little different the the pictures on Ebay.
Ebay Creator X graphics

Was wondering if anyone has tried these grahics from ebay. Would really like to know the quality of these kits from graphics depot. Hers a klink and pic of finished product.

Can Am BRP Spyder RT RT s Graphics Kit Creatorx Decals Spiderx SXBL | eBay

I would appreciate any feedback.



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They look kind of nice... :eek:
But if you contact Pete at he can pretty much make up whatever you want for your bike. :D


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Pete is about the best for Spyders but if it's real complicated expect to wait for a while

I am still waiting for my trailer stuff from him and to be honest I'm not sure I will even get it
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