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another overheating question

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Have had my spyder for a couple of months my problem is overheating i have checked all the posts on the subject and checked all the suggested fixes such as relays fuses and radiator these are all fine! this seems to happen when in stop and go traffic my bars will continue to rise until the bike goes into limp mode i can hear the cooling fan running but does not seem to be able to cool the bike! since i live in southern calif this will be a constant problem plus this can not be good for the bike so anyone have any suggestions?

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Your symptoms sound very similar to the person in Houston that was having an issue. You mention you checked the radiator, her post talked about the coolant system not being properly "burped" and as such there was air in the system, is that what you mean by checking the radiator?

Since the fan is running, this means the heat is not transferring through the radiator efficiently as it should be, and the system is not transferring the heat to the coolant... the list of items to check would include

1) low coolant/air in system
2) coolant not circulating correctly
a) system blockage (thermostat stuck closed?)
b) poor water pump performance
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