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Greetings, fellow Spyder lovers!

I purchased my 2010 Spyder RS SE-5 Ltd Edition (love the all-white) six days ago and I'm dying, waiting for the dealer to finish installing my accessories (25 inch windshield, 2 inch handlebar riser, sport rack, backrest and foot peg extensions for a passenger, and fog lights) so I can start riding. Soon, I hope.

I noticed the Spyder a few years back, but didn't dive right in - probably a big mistake to wait. Then my brother bought one and... well... I can't let him have all the fun.

As a hobby business I used to own a recumbent bicycle shop that specialized in recumbent tadpole trikes. Tadpole - that's what that industry calls the "Y" design with two wheels in front and one in back. My wife and I still ride our tadpole trikes regularly, and love them. Way more fun that any normal bicycle or tricycle. So I can't wait to experience my Spyder on the road.

Alas, my beloved Yamaha VStar 1300 is now relegated to sitting in the back of the garage with its dust cover on, waiting for Spring in Utah so she can be sold to some lucky motorcycle rider that hasn't been bitten by the Spyder yet.

Now, if I can just get the weather in Utah to cooperate with some extended riding weather - not likely since I had 5 inches of snow in my front yard yesterday. But, hey, it is Utah after all, so it will probably be sunny and in the 90's next week.

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Welcome to our little slice of the pie, "Rusty"! Those pearl white beauties sure are hard to resist; aren't they! :D You're going to have t put some pics up here of it pretty soon before you lose it in the snowbanks out there! :eek: (JK!)

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