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Hello guys.
I hope everyone is having a nice weekend, and hopefully all of you managed to ride at least once this weekend.
I am new here but the main reason, for now and at least for a good week, is to try and get advice from you guys about can am specs. I will buy mine next week, hopefully and wife permitting jeje, but I'm not familiar with performance and other stuff. I have been a regular motorcycle rider for years on Honda, but if I want to get my wife to ride with me, this is the best shot I got. I'm told the can am handles on a similar way the 4 wheelers do, which is fine with me, but in any case I love the set up and looks of these machines. Also, I like the fact that it seems to be a very comfortable ride. I will find out when I test ride!
Anyway, I am looking at the 2021 can-am spyder® rt limited, maybe black, but I would like to know if you guys can give me some advice as to performance and accessories. Somebody told me a few years ago that the can am was underpowered, but I know that the engine seems to be more powerful now, and of course I'm used to powerful bikes since i ride a gold wing F6B, which I like a lot. I thought about going to the top of the line, but I didn't like the only color available, besides, I can see that i can upgrade the Limited.

Thanks a lot!

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Almost anyone who has a long history of riding on 2 wheels will have an uncomfortable feeling their first few times on 3 wheels.
Especially when 2 of them are in front. The geometry, feel and handling techniques are entirely different.

Take a test ride......or two, and make up your own mind.

My first test ride scared the CRAP out of me.
Most new owners learn to adapt fairly quickly.
It took me several months and a couple of thousand miles.
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