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Greetings, fellow Spyder lovers! I'm a newbie to this forum as well as a newbie to Spyder ownership. We recently purchased our first, a 2011 RT. A bit older but low mileage and not a scratch on 'er! My question has to do with oil. If I need to "top it off," it seems there are tons of different opinions. The manual for the 2011 is very specific in calling for this:

"Recommended Engine Oil
The same oil is used for the engine,
gearbox, clutch, and the HCM in the
SE5 model.
(SUMMER GRADE) (P/N 293 600 121)
or a 5W 40 semi-synthetic (minimum)
or synthetic motorcycle oil meeting
the requirements for API service SL,
SJ, SH or SG classification. Always
check the API service label on the oil
clutch, do not use a motor oil meet-
ing the API service SM or ILSAC GF-4
classification. Clutch slippage will

It's not that I want to argue with the manufacturer, but what do you all use and suggest. Note that we purchased a warranty package with the Spyder, so I don't want to void that by using the wrong oil. I've read that many owners use, for example, Amsoil 5w 40 or 10w 40 motorcycle oil. Additionally, the Amsoil seems to meet the SM API service, which Can Am says will cause clutch slippage. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


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The manual for the 2011 is very specific in calling for this:
Yes but what all of that boils down to is:
ANY brand name, motorcycle specific oil will be fine.
Or BRP oil at a dealer. Or Honda oil at that dealer........etc.

Mobil 1 bike oil can be found at most WalMarts and auto parts stores.

Check it often. The 990 engines are known to use a little oil.
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