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inView has captivated the attention of industry experts, police departments, insurance agencies and of course motorcyclists. The helmet light keeps motorcyclists visible by providing an eye-level light so that drivers can easily see and understand the motorcyclists next move. The inView system illuminates and mimics brakes and turn signals indicated by the motorcyclist or when it detects deceleration (i.e. engine braking) of any kind.

Created by Third Eye Design Inc., this revolutionary design out performs all other braking accessories currently on the market. The inView wireless system consists of a helmet unit, motorcycle unit and accessory brake light. It can be attached to any helmet and used on any 12v negative ground powersport vehicle, including those with CAN-Bus.

Helmet units automatically pair to any bike equipped with inView within 15 feet of it. The versatility of pairing allows owners with multiple motorcycles and various helmet units to automatically match-up whichever helmet and motorcycle they wish to. The helmet unit also automatically syncs with the bike, turning off or on when the bike does. Once paired, the bond is semi-permanent to prevent it from conflicting with any other signal.

What Makes inView Different
A couple of companies have tried going to market with an accelerometer-based accessory brake light.  These are self-contained systems that incorporate an accelerometer into an LED array.  This distinction is essential as these lights operate independently of the vehicle's standard braking system. This causes confusion to automobile drivers as they do not recognize these separate flashing signals as brake lights. Additionally, many of these lights do not use proper algorithms to prevent false alarms – stand-alone accelerometers-based lights on helmets must be "de-tuned" to account for head movement. 

 NHTSA's Evaluation of Enhanced Brake Lights Using Surrogate Safety Metrics:
 "if (accessory light illumination, not related to vehicle brake light illumination is) too numerous, (it) could cause following drivers to ignore or neglect the rear lighting. Following drivers could also become annoyed by the nuisance of such lights when they are not needed."  and "Another problem encountered was that of continuing the rear lighting with a timeout segment when the vehicle turned at a corner. In this case a new following vehicle might be encountered, and the driver of that vehicle might be confused by the activation of the enhanced rear lighting."

Installation & Maintenance
It is a do-it-yourself installation and requires connection to ignition-on power and ground and connection to the Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) brake, left turn and right turn signals. We use Posi-Tap connectors to make the connection without damaging the vehicles wiring. All mounting hardware, including 2 helmet mounts are included. Automatic diagnostics tells you when the batteries get low or if you have it installed upside down.

The inView system is managed through a smartphone application available on both Google Play and the Apple Store. The app allows for product registration, testing, and firmware updates to enhance and change features.

Full Features List
• Brake & turn signal functionality
• No on/off switch
• Long battery life with easily replaced AAA batteries (lithium-ion recommended)
• Automatic diagnostics that test function, LEDs and battery life
• Integrates with the motorcycle to provide pedal, lever and switch activated brake and turn signaling
• Provides passive brake signaling (i.e. downshifting)
• Can-BUS compatible
• Ultra-bright LEDs – for daytime visibility
• Easily transferred between helmets
• Inversion protection protects you from installing it upside down
• Firmware updatable to add features
• iOS and Android companion application
• Simple, DIY installation
• Available in Red or Clear
• 1-year warranty
• Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA

Industry Feedback
inView has received the highest endorsement by Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN)– a perfect score in their road test and they have made it a recommended buy. MCN is an independent national publication that does not take advertising dollars and provides unbiased feedback on motorcycle gear and accessories.

• “Given the ease of use and the added measure of conspicuity provided, we wholeheartedly recommend the inView”-Motorcycle Consumer News

• “inView is about to improve motorcycle safety forever!” -Hardtales Magazine

• “inView performed brilliantrly- no pun intended!” -BackRoads Magazine

• in view is “a gamchanger”-Motoclectic Magazine

- Amazon, Twisted Throttle, Revzilla, ADV Motorrad and a growing network of dealers in the US and Canada
- Directly through


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