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Aerocharger taking pre-orders for Spyder Turbo kit NOW!

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Just got this from the guys at Aerocharger - they are now taking pre-orders! :D

$50 deposit on the pre-order and you get a Aerocharger hat - the website is about to update this info, call them at 913-541-0200

Kits should ship out late February or early March. There are a limited number of kits on this first run - order now!

Kit details:
Intercooled Stage 1 = $4995
53 Series Aerocharger
Turbine Heatshield w/ Insulator
Turbo Support Bracket
Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust System
Custom Y-pipe w/ Header Wrap
Custom Low-Profile Filter
Aluminum Charge Tube
Custom Aluminum Airbox
Bosch Blow-Off Valve
Turbo Support Bracket
Hose Clamps
Signal Line
Mounting Hardware
VDO Boost Gauge
AEM Wide-Band Oxygen Sensor & Gauge
Gauge pods (2)
Mounting Brackets (2)
Aerocharger Oil
Cutout Templates
24/7 Online Customer Support
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The gentleman that wanted a "Crotch-Rocket" Spyder would enjoy this!
How about some performance numbers? Five large is a pretty good chunk of change, and 147 hp can be had with an overbore, larger valves, and higher compression pistons for quite a bit less, and way less complicated. I am not knocking the turbo idea, I am interested in more power. That is why I have been following N/A and turbo developement.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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