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First let me say that I do not have a spyder. I own a 2008 Goldwing and love it. I have nothing against the Spyder, ride what you like. Its all about riding, not what you ride.

Okay, my BIL (brother-in-law) just got a "2010 Spyder Touring" he calls it. He used to ride a 2002 Goldwing but has made the change to the Spyder for his own reasons. He has a dilema he asked me about and I figured Id find a forum and post it. So here goes....

He has a trailer he used to pull with his Goldwing, he likes it and has no desire to spend $4000 on the trailer that is made by or for Can AM. Now he had the dealer install the trailer hitch and the trailer harness.

According to my BIL the Spyders end has 7 wires and knows when the trailer is hooked up. He aslo said he tested the wires and there seems to be two hot brake wires.

My question to anyone who knows anything about this new model is, how do I hookup a 4 wire trailer to his 7 wire spyder touring?

My Goldwing has an isolated trailer harness that I hooked up but I also bouitl the trailer myself so it has seperate blinkers like the bike so I didnt need to convert 5 to 4.

Is it possibel to buy an aftermarket harness that will isolate the trailer and convert 7 to 4?

One more question. Can a service manual be purchased for the 2010 touring?

Thanks in advance,
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