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I just picked up my Spyder roadster RS-S. I've put around 160 miles on it & had to fill it up twice. I haven't done the math yet but I think I'm getting under 25 miles per gallon. I didn't buy it to save on gas, I'm just a little disappointed that the dealer would tell me 35mpg when it's clearly not. Anyone have any input?
As you say you didn't buy it for the gas mileage - none of us did. If you want great mileage get a scooter. I have a 2009 RS w/6500 miles on it and I get about 25 mpg city/highway combined. I am kinda heavy with the right wrist but even if I took it easy I don't think I would get much over 30. The wife has a Yamaha T-Max (500cc) which I ride probably more than she does (it's a hoot) and it only gets a little over 40 mpg. David
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