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Where to start? Left blinker won’t self cancel. Relaced left hand cluster. $450 part only. Shift linkage fell apart while riding. Fixed myself. Rough idle. Engine surges causing transmission to engage and release constantly. Stalls at lights. Troubleshot to faulty throttle body so ordered one. One year later still on back order. Took throttle plates out and edges were carbon build up bad. Used 4 ot steelwool and rubbing compound to clean. Getting plates recentered is not fun but got it. Intake adapters cracking probably from the overheating problems these things had when new before recall. $84. Runs great now so cancelled order for throttle body which was $1100. If you plan on doing yourself need to have BUDS software to relearn TPS. Only $650 for first year license. And these things are not front end aligned at the factory. Good pair of laser levels $150 and a lot of patience and you can do it in your driveway. And you need BUDS. Plus 24 hours later just to get all the panels off to even get at the engine is a real treat. Don’t be surprised when you put it back together that you have a few screws and push pins left over. Never find where they all go. So if you don’t have the ability to work on them yourself hope you have deep pockets because the dealerships charge a fortune to work on them when and if you can even get in. Oh 4 hours to change out a headlight. Good luck

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Thanks for recapping many of the troubles that others have with these machines.
If you haven't given it a good dose of Techron for injector cleaning, you probably should.

Note: Your posts would be a LOT easier to read and follow if there was a little white space in there.
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