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2011 RT SE5 Parking Brake Front Pulley

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I've been spending about 3 days on research and I just can't find the answer. All the answers relate to the rear pulley system.
My Parking Brake Cable came free from the front pulley. I've seen on here and on other forums an easy fix to stop this from happening. I'll use them next. But it seems my pulley flipped it's lid. There is that little box on the bottom that seems to have prevented it from doing a complete 360, which from what I've read was a real issue for some of the frist years.
I can move the cable back and forth in its housing. It doesn't appear damaged. But the pulley, as you can see in the pics seems to have gone past that bolt. I've attempted to lightly pry the pulley away from that bolt, but to no avail. My next thought is to remove the golden nut on the pulley, or at least loosen it. But it's pretty on there, and I don't want to loosen something and then have further issues.
So what I need help with is - has anybody had this happen, and if so, what did you do to get the pulley to move back into position. I recall this happening once before on my son's 08 RS, but I'm not sure what we did to fix it.
I appreciate your assistance.
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Hi Bishop. Welcome to the forum from North Carolina. Glad you decided to join us. I don’t have your model so cannot effectively answer your question. But curious if you found the solution.
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