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2010 RTS pics.

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Posted a couple of my wifes new RTS
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For those not used to posting pictures, a quick lesson on picture posting:

click on the little icon above the frame when making a post that looks like a mountain with a sun above it.

a window will open asking "Please enter the URL of the image"

you're like "What?"....... to get the URL, it's not as bad as it seams.

1) Hold the mouse arrow over the picture
2) Click the right mouse button ( am menu will open up)
3) Slide down the menu and select "properties" with the left mouse button
4) Under "Image properties" it say's: "location" that the "URL" you want to copy and enter.

Once it is entered, select "OK".

One reason we have the photo gallery is so people have a place to put there pictures, and when they are linked to, they likely will not go away........ this way if you post a link to the pic, it will be there in the future.
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Nice photos, heck you already got your trailer license plate :)
Is that a back-up light at the center-top of the rear of the trailer?

Not backup light, the lock and handle releases for front and back lids.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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