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1st Annual Central MT Spyder Ride

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Hey all!

Just got done with the first annual Central MT Spyder Ride and it was a hoot!
Starting point was Helena and then rode North (I-15) through the canyon and onto a winding two-lane road for the next fourty miles. Then back on to I-15 to Great Falls and West on 200 to the midpoint where lunch was served (Hot dogs, burgers, pop, etc...) then South where the ride ended at Wolf Creek.
All in all about 200 miles of winding, beautiful riding!

There was a raffle at the end where yours truly walked away with a compact set of stubby metric wrenches perfect for the Spyder trunk! What a great day!

I think the only thing that would have made the day absolutely perfect would have been if ANY other Spyder riders would have shown up! LMAO!

I guess the lesson here is to go ahead and enjoy the ride, the scenery and the solitude because sometimes there just aint nothing better!

Keep three down!

Mike :D
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