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Hi there everyone, new RT owner here located in South Korea. Sort of at my wits end for this one so here I am and I apologize in advance is there are difficult parts to understand. It's been a good moment since I've spoken English I'm trying to get to grips with some words and sentences again.

I also apologize for my first post being about a problem.

Purchased a clean but used 2015 RT Limited a few months back and was riding without much issue up till a few days ago.

Was about leave for a short trip, sequence of events:

1) Spyder starts up, no issue, wait
2) Into gear 1, but was at an odd angle in the parking space to leave
3) Switch into reverse, change angle
4) Back into first, was about to leave but I was called back inside so I put the gear back into Neutral. Parking brake on.

Figured I'll let it idle for a bit. Won't be long anyhow.

I come back out, roughly 6~7 min later. Spyder is not idling. As a matter in fact, engine is off but everything else is on. Figured someone may have bumped into killswitch. Nope, switch is fine.

Eitherway, better start leaving but I can't get her to start to save my life. No error codes, nothing. The Spyder keeps cranking but it doesn't sound like she'll start.

At an odd angle, in a spot I don't want the Spyder to be, I pushed her into a corner as best I could and started figuring out what was going on.

Checked battery voltage, was showing at a steady 12.7~12.8v. Figured maybe the battery is going bad so I put in my spare, new (Yuasa) battery. While I was at it, checked all fuses and relays. None were foul. I'm led to believe that the two frunk fuse boxes are the only fuse locations on the RT. I believe I may be mistaken though on that.

Try again, nothing. The Spyder is in Neutral, parking brake on, foot on the brake (just in case) and try to start her but she only turns over.

Tried the flooded engine procedure. Full throttle, crank. Key off, let it dry just in case. Still nothing.

I can hear the fuel prime with the little whine.

You might be wondering, why not just call the dealership/service center? The closest service center is over 4 hours away and none of the local shops seem to want to touch her with a 10 foot pole.

Besides that, tried calling the service center, only to find out that they're on holiday till the end of August. Dealership is open though, of course lol.

I'm at a loss. Everything seems fine. Cluster comes up okay, no error codes. The Spyder isn't screaming at me that something is wrong. At 30k km, consumables work has been done before and I've ridden without issue thus far.

Is there a killswitch or lockout switch somewhere that I am not aware of? Is this some sort of anti-theft feature that's not in the manual? Key is recognized fine so its not that the Spyder doesn't recognize it either. I'm led to believe that there isn't exactly a, rolling start, procedure to see if she'll start either.

Any ideas? Photo of the RT if anyone is curious.
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Edit: forgot to add, considering opening her up to check if the sparkplugs have gone foul. But all three going at the same time? How unlikely would that be.

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Most first posts ARE about a problem.

Your English is better than some who know no other language.

It does sound like it ran out of gas.

If there is plenty in the tank, then fuel filter or fuel pump.

I think you need to verify fuel before chasing an electrical problem.

A can of "starter fluid" or some propane can be useful.

Hey there Easy Rider,

Thanks for the reply. There is a full tank of gas so I will heed your advice and try to find some starter fluid. They're not plenty around in Korea but I'm sure I can find a can somewhere.

Will post with updates.

Welcome to the forum from North Carolina. Glad you decided to join us.
Would agree with Easy Rider to try some starter fluid. If it fires up then it’s a fuel delivery issue. If it doesn’t start, then it’s a spark issue. Do you have a factory Service Manual?
Hey there Tourer,

Thanks for the warm welcome.

I do not have "the" service manual for my 15 Spyder but I managed to borrow one from another Rider. Though, his is a 2016 F3T. I know, completely different Spyder but it's helped me so far to help me get my bearings on what's what.
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