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'13 ST limited trailer wire harness help

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I have a 2013 ST Limited. I can not find a wiring harness anywhere. Even the dealer literally laughed when I asked him. I see on USA trailer store they have one that fits 13-15 ST's, but it says not the limited. Anyone know why? The only difference I understand is the auto shifting down, and I really don't see how that would have anything to do with tail lights.

Anyone know if this part will work, or if any part will? I am a paralyzed vet, and need haul my wheelchair in a trailer.
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, but it says not the limited. Anyone know why?
The "limited" designation usually only applies to non-mechanical additional "accessories"
that are not present on the standard models.

The only thing I can think of that might impact a trailer hitch and wiring
would an extra mud flap on the rear fender.

Do you already have the actual hitch ??
I do. The hitch went on without a problem. Easy job, lined right up. That’s my thinking exactly it really doesn’t make sense.
That’s my thinking exactly it really doesn’t make sense.
Judge Judy says:
If it doesn't make sense, then it is probably not true.
You may just have to take a chance on the harness.
Spent sometime on the phone with another dealer today, and they cant help either. They stated that the ST does not have a harness because it is not meant to tow, but I have a tow screen, so again, don't make sense. After a bit of research into the exploded parts diagram, I am finding that the parts for taillights and blinkers are the same for the rt limited and the st limited.

there are 2 harnesses I have found online. Slingmods has a harness that works for all the RT models, including the Limiteds, but claims NOT for ST's.

USA Trailer store has one that works for RT (10-19) and ST(13-15) but claims Not the Limiteds.

I just don't understand how one can work for all RT's including Limiteds, excluding ST and the other for RT and ST excluding all limiteds.

Thinking I might just spend the $85 and hope for the best.
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Try here Lamonster Garage
I bought mine from there. It is grounded to the battery which Is bit of a journey and one has to remove the Tupperware from the truck and left saddle, but it wires In easily. I thought the instructions were good. It took a bit of work but I have the connector hanging just out of below the left saddle bag. My trailer connector is long enough to wrap around the hitch and connect. Nobody notices the wiring connector.
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