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12 volt power kit

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Hello, fellow arachnophiles.

I am just breaking in a yellow roadster. I got a nice RAM mount for my Nuvi 200W GPS. I was about to spend money on the installation of a Honda 12 VDC adapter (already bought the adapter and have ruined it by cutting the harness) when I spotted the OEM kit on the Spyder site. Ugh! Talk about frustrating. Cheaper than the Honda thing and, from the looks of it, much easier to install. Has anybody installed the kit? I just ordered it, so I don't know anything other than what it looks like on the website.

If anybody has done it, let me know what it entails. (I know this might be an elementary thing, but I've got about as much mechanical dexterity in my fingers as a snail has in its hind quarters. :-S


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I found these pictures of the kit ( I love the web ;)):

If BRP is as sharp as I think they are... your harness will already have the pigtails to connect to the tangs on the back of the outlet. If they are really good.... the hole is already there to with a plug in it :) If not, the instructions should tell you where to put the hole:

It should be as easy as, slide in hole, figure out how to get your hand behind to thread on the locking ring, and plugging in the connectors.

Or.... make hole, splice into harness, crimp on connectors, then do the above :( Let us know what you find.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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