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  1. Can-Am Spyder General Discussion
    Hi new member here! I have a 2008 GS SM5 The “Check DPS” message and check engine light came on. It still runs but I’d rather know what it means. Someone had mentioned it was the power steering but I have no issues with it I found a few suggestions like check the fuses but my fuses were all...
  2. Can-Am Spyder RS Discussion
    Ryders, I know I'm a noob treading well trampled ground here, and I've read many of the threads but am hoping for new insight because I've seen few solutions to the Spyder Limp Home Mode/ABS fault/VSS fault/Check DPS string of error codes, so pls. bear with me: The bike: new to me '08 Spyder...
1-2 of 2 Results