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The Can-Am Spyder was originally introduced in early 2007. So they've been on the market now for about 13 years. The initial design was, in my opinion, quite revolutionary and happened just in time for many aging motorcycle riders who could no longer safely ride or even hold up their big touring motorcycles. We should all be very grateful to BRP for having the courage to introduce such a ground-breaking new design.

That being said, the early Spyders did have a variety of problems which, one by one, seem to have been resolved. We have a good friend who had a 2012 Spyder and, like you, had numerous problems, all of which were ultimately resolved by the dealer. But that's still not something many people want to go through. This same friend purchased a much new Spyder RT Limited, I believe a 2016 model and had absolutely no problems with it. So great progress has been made. Hopefully, whoever you purchased your 2012 RT from has had all the big issues resolved and you will greatly enjoy your new ride!
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