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Originally Posted by Easy Rider View Post
Originally Posted by Anthony Carter View Post
It is definitely the DPS, and I get the the fact it's 10 years old.....BUT!!! it only has 12000 miles!!!!
YOU need to calm down.

Sometimes things wear out over TIME whether it is ridden or not.
Sometimes they fail quicker from not being ridden.

No doubt that there is something amiss with the DPS "system" but not necessarily the main CPU itself.
Might be a failed sensor or a corroded connection.

I wish you luck in getting this fixed.
But there is only one right way to do it.

I quit.

Thank you Taylor swift, I'm much calmer now. I realize now that canam spyders are not more safe than a traditional motorcycle, but actually far more dangerous. Safety is my primary concern and getting back home to my 4 kids in one piece. Lesson learned, good luck to my brothers on 3 wheels but I'm going back to 2.
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