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DPS Failure and Fixes

I am a new member and I am an owner of my 2nd can-am Spyder. This past week I was noticing my bike pulling to the right and the bars felt stuck to the right. After doing a ton of research (most on this forum &#x1f923 I decided it was the DPS motor. I called BRP and asked if my machine was affected by the recall and they said no, of course and recommended I get it to a shop immediately. After calling my shop and them telling me it would be $90 just to plug it up to a code reader I decided to figure it out on my own!! So today I pulled the fuses for the DPS and BINGO!!! No more steering issue, of course low speed is a bit tougher but above 15mph I felt no difference. My question is, will BRP acknowledge this and repair my machine seeing it is a formerly recalled issue? I don't mind looking at "check DPS" scrolling across my bike but I'm sure nobody who may want to buy it in the future will! My machine is an 09 Spyder phantom with 12k miles......anyone have any insight to this situation? Thanks in advance.
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