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I have to agree with ottawa-rider. I live in the Cornwall area, bought my first Spyder privately from a VanKleek Hill owner, (a Quebec machine). I then traded it at Loiselle in Casselman in the early Spring this year. I see other machines around the area but judging from the activity on this site, there is little organized activity. I have looked at the dealership to see if there are any flyers or posters announcing meets. Not much going on, it seems.
It may just be a question of numbers. I ride motorcycles too, and there are often marque-specific clubs who are always doing breakfast runs or charity events. I've seen a couple of Spyders at Rideau Carleton at the Wed Evening Old Car Show. (In the Parking lot).
I actually see many Spyder riders riding with a pack of motorcycles, and that seems to be a more common sight now. I suspect the Spyder people were bike riders who for one reason or another gravitated from 2 to 3 wheels. I'm 77 and it is just a safer and more comfortable way to ride. (Mind you, I can't seem to quit bikes altogether....still have 2...BUT no two-up riding on the bikes anymore.)
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